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Business assitance in Russia

Want to start selling your products and industrial equipment in Russia and former CIS ASAP?

Starting business in Russia or former CIS countries industrial market is not a simple task for a foreign company. Usually a company starts-up a rep-office in Moscow or St. Petersburg, rents an office (at the rate which is nowadays already close to N.Y. or London), hires personnel (which is asking for higher salaries you pay your European staff), establishes obligatory accounting department, etc. This process consumes a lot of your time and money and gives pay-back (if gives at all) in 5-10 years.

Other possibility is to try to establish your first contacts with Russian factories directly ñ booking very expensive space at Moscow exhibitions, trying to get a permission to visit some remote factory far in Siberia etc. Again your time and expensive Russian hotels, airplanes Ö

In former years these were the only ways to start business in Russia. The main reason for that was the fact that Russian factories (most of which were small and independent) were not able to purchase products on DDU basis.

Today the economical and political environment of doing business in Russia (especially under a worldwide crisis) has significantly changed. Most of the companies are united in big holdings having own foreign trade central departments and are willing to save money. Also the former advantages of purchasing the goods through dealers †- ìgreyî customs clearance and motivation of the purchasing staff seem to be slipping away due to the personal interest shown recently to both matters by Vladimir Putin.

Your company has a good product or equipment for Russian industry (chemical,† petrochemical, food, pulp and paper, engineering industry, coal washing, ore processing)? You want to start selling it or increase present sales in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan et ali?

Please contact me and I will be glad to assist you to find the right clients in most efficient way!. I offer you my big experience, many useful contacts in Russian industrial market, extremely low prices for professional assitance and NO COMISSION on your sales.

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